Wk 13 — Essay 2 — Art!

At the start of the semester, I thought that art was an outlet that someone could choose to express themselves artistically. I thought that art had to be something tangible, and something that you can either see or experience. While I still agree with this idea. I would say that my idea of art now includes the idea that art can also be defined as a feeling or emotion. I think that most art does this in the way it makes people feel in response to their art whether it be something physical like painting or sculpture, or nonphysical like music and performance. Now, at the end of the semester, I would say that art to me is a mode of expression that conveys feeling or emotion somehow tied to the piece, such piece being tangible or intangible.

My major is psychology, and it is the study of the mind and behavior. Psychology seeks to study the mind in relation to behavior through lenses such as behavioral, cognitive, evolutionary, social, and many other lenses of thought. As a psychology major, I aim to one day become a clinical psychologist working in a professional or research setting. In relation to art, aesthetics, and design, I think that my major can benefit from these things in many ways. Because art is a mode of expression, it can be used as a tool to gain insight as to one’s mental state, act as a therapy, and serve as an outlet for emotional release and creative expression. On a professional note, design could be used to advance a career as far as marketing oneself for a potential opening for a job, or as their own business. This can be in the design of a business card, website, resume, and office. While on the surface all of these things may not seem like art, because of their unique expression and design, all of these things really are. All of these things seek to convey feelings and ideas in their own unique way.

Now that we are near the end of the semester, I can see art enriching my life in the future in many ways. Over the semester I have gained a greater appreciation for what art is, the mediums of art, and the feelings that it seeks to convey. I can see myself in the future taking more art classes and diversifying the types of art that I am proficient in. I can see myself taking up art as a hobby in the way of drawing, writing, and calligraphy. I think that engaging in art allows someone to be more whole in the way that they are able to express themselves and be in touch with who they are as a person. I think because art forces someone to think independently and creatively, that they are then able to resonate better with themselves as well as others.

Overall, I think that art is something that is very important to how people live their lives. Art is something that gives life color and vibrancy, and it adds a special spice that allows for endless possibilities to how we live our life. Needless to say, if art, artists, and all artistic impulse vanished from Earth, then life would grow dull and lose the specialness that it had before. Not having art would prevent the unique connection between people only done uniquely by art. Art allows us to be creative and think in new ways. So, if we didn’t have art and creative thinking, society would be struggling with problems that require new artistic ways of thinking.

I disagree with the NEA’s idea that “a great nation deserves great art.” I think that this quote in particular connotes the idea that a great nation is entitled to having great art whatever that may be. Because of this, I think that no nation in particular is deserving of great art.

Because this semester was fully online, it was something that was very unique and not at all what I was expecting in my first year in college. Because of my experiences in Art 110, I think that I will have a greater appreciation for art and the things that it encompasses. I think that I will continue to practice art whether it is as a hobby or in my career.



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