Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research

Allison Ortiz
4 min readNov 23, 2020


California State University, Monterey Bay- Lecturer AY — Psychology

CSU Monterey Bay is a part of the California State University System. Here, they educate students in a variety of specializations and majors. CSUMB fosters a diverse campus community with multicultural global perspectives. Through hands-on education, CSUMB seeks to educate its students to be well prepared and well qualified to take on the real professional world. CSUMB seeks to also build lifelong relationships within its community.

Something that I see myself offering to CSUMB is my ability to teach people. Ever since I was young I have been able to easily teach people complex concepts in a simple and easy to understand way. I think that I would be an effective lecturer because I am a strong writer. I can synthesize complex topics into easily digestible pieces of writing. I think that my interpersonal skills combined with my ability to write and teach would make me an effective candidate for this job.

Kaweah Delta Health Care District- Bio-Behavioral Therapist

Kaweah Delta Health Care is a system of hospitals and other medical facilities. Here, they seek to heal people and set them on a healthy path towards a long life. This is done through treatment, prevention, and research of new medical technologies. Kaweah Delta like most medical institutions goes by the saying to “do no harm.” This promotes optimum care for all patients who need their help.

At Kaweah Delta, I can see myself being a strong applicant. I am good at communicating with others and managing multiple tasks at once, so I think that I would work well in this role. Also, I can emotionally resonate with people coming from all sorts of backgrounds such as potential patients. I think creatively and am very flexible so I can help with complex cases with no easy to see answer. I am also organized, so it would be easy for me to keep all of my information in order just in case anything ever comes up.

Kern Valley State Prison- Senior Psychologist

Kern Valley State Prison is an all-male prison in Delano, California. Kern Valley State Prison is a level four maximum security prison that can hold roughly 2,500 people. Here, people who have been convicted of crimes come to serve their sentence. Kern Valley State Prison is one of roughly thirty state prisons in California. Kern Valley State Prison is opened in June of 2005 and today is currently operational.

At Kern Valley State Prison I can see myself multitasking frequently. I think that this job at this location will be demanding both emotionally and on paper. I am the type of person that likes to take on large challenges so I think my enthusiasm will serve me well. I think that my ability’s previously mentioned and my ability to manage people and delegate tasks will serve me particularly well. I think I can offer Kern Valley State Prison many things because I have such diversified skills.

Dr. Kevin Ramotar (Clinical Psychologist)- http://drramotar.com/

Dr. Kevin Ramotar’s website is easy to navigate and has a natural color palette. He presents himself to be this relatable person who is very qualified. He synthesizes his qualifications in bullet points and has more details located beneath this short explanation. His photo that he provides along with his written story makes him seem professional yet like someone you’ve known for a long time. Dr. Kevin Ramotar’s writing is clear and easy to understand, causing him to come off as someone that you can trust with your thoughts and feelings to help you get better.

Dr. Bear Korngold (Psychotherapist)- https://www.drkorngold.com/

Dr. Bear Korngold’s website is modern and clean. He presents himself to be someone open to new ideas and compassionate with others. He briefly lists his qualifications just so that the viewer can get an understanding and feel for who he is. He provides ample information about the services that he provides which shows that he prioritizes patients by simplifying the process. The photo he provides makes him seem professional and like someone you can trust.

Dr. Jayson L. Mystkowski (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist)- https://cbhealthpartners.com/

Dr. Jayson L. Mystkowski’s website is modern and trendy. He presents himself to be someone who is very professional and adaptable to new ways of thinking. He writes about his qualifications and experiences just enough so that readers feel as though they know where he's coming from and what he can do. In his writing, he incorporates his preferred pronouns and diverse clinical training, which makes him come off as someone that embraces new ideas and welcomes all points of view. His photo makes him seem stoic, relatable, and professional.

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A way that I would use a website to position myself for a job is to accessibly make it represent me. I would want to have the website be easy to understand, clear, and easily navigable. I would want to use fonts and colors that aren’t too harsh and are easy to read. I would want to spend a good amount of time writing about my qualifications, experiences, and specialties because I know that that is very important when someone is considering who they want to hire. I would choose appropriate and professional photos that represent me accurately and show my personality. I think that having all of these things on a website would position me best as a promising candidate.



Allison Ortiz